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Is It Really Film Making Or Visual Marketing

Book by Dhruvil Shah

Is it really film making or
visual marketing

Hello Guys, I am really excited to announce that i have decided the title of the book i am going to write in the future and the launch date is gonna be July 2023.

This book will include all the aspects of film making from start to finish. This book will also challenge you to think weather the future of film making is more of entertainment or is it gonna be an art of creating content which is entertaining yet it has subtle flavor of visual marketing which may help people sell products through these methods

I don’t know if you might have noticed people in todays world are moving away from traditional marketing and moving towards digital marketing, which means people don’t read newspaper as much as they use to they prefer to read blogs, people don’t really watch tv now they prefer watching Netflix, amazon prime, YouTube, etc. This means the advertisement which we use to show on tv and newspaper is not possible, you may question we can still see advertisements on YouTube though but I think after a point of time everybody will have a paid subscription and you will not be able to show ads on those platform as well.

Then how will people market their products in the future?

People will have to advertise the product by getting their product featured in the platform original series which will help them market their product in a unique way. So getting an art of creating content which will helps in promoting products or services in subtle way is the future of film making and marketing. This type of marketing will be more visual, which gave me an idea to write a book on this topic “Is It Really Film Making or Visual Marketing”