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Camera Shots

Camera Shots

It’s simple to blend the various kinds of camera shots and movements. To make a shot list, a filmmaker or a content creator must understand the types of shots based on attributes like shot dimension, shot framing, camera activity, camera systems, and depth of field.

We’ll talk about all the camera shots and angles you need to know for your next movie. We have listed some of the well known camera shots from these famous movies.

What is a Camera Shot?

A camera shot comprises a collection of frames taken nonstop from the moment the camera starts rolling. Camera shots are essential for creating video content. By incorporating various shots, angles, and electronic camera motions, the filmmakers can stress certain emotions, ideas, and activities for every scene.

Types of Camera Shots

  • Extreme Long Shot (aka Extreme Wide Shot)

  • Long Shot (aka Wide Shot)

  • Full Shot

  • Medium Long Shot (aka 3/4 Shot)

  • Cowboy Shot (aka American Shot)

  • Medium Shot

  • Medium Close-Up

  • Close-Up

  • Choker

  • Extreme Close Up

Camera Shots

Extreme Long Shot (aka Extreme Wide Shot)

Extreme Long Shot is used to showcase the subject from a distance. Therefore this type of shot is also known as Establishing Shot, as it is use to establish the scene. This shot is use to showcase the time, place, environment and elements in the scene. Also, it is not necessary that the character has to be visible in this type of shot. Extreme Long Shot are used to put an emphasis on the location and the environment.

Long Shot (aka Wide Shot)

Long Shot focuses on both character and the location, but the scenery still dominates it. In these shots, the character’s entire body is shown while still keeping the scenery as the primary focus. This shot gives you an idea about the scenario without the character speaking about it. This shot can also be used as an Establishing Shot. 

Full Shot

The full shot shows the character from top to bottom, with the subject as the primary focus of the shot. This type of shot may have one or more characters, and the shot may put more importance on the action and movements. Full shots may feature multiple characters in a single shot likely to showcase the subject’s setting, characters importance, etc

Medium Long Shot (aka ¾ Shot)

Medium Long Shot, also known as the three-forth shot, is a shot between full and medium shots. This shot works just like the medium shot where the filmmaker gets the liberty to take a bit wider frame, revealing the subject from the knee up. This shot is usually used to showcase the characters, body language, setting, and emotion.

Cowboy Shot (aka American Shot)

Cowboy Shot, famously known as American Shot, is another form of medium shot that got its name from the western cowboy movies. This shot showcased the subject from the thigh-up and revealed the guns hoisted by the characters on their waist. Today, this shot is used to build tension and also to showcase the dominance of the Character.